Brighton Sculptures 2017

Another year another exhibition, I was fortunate enough to pick a cool, overcast day with a little rain to view the sculptures with my photography friend JS. Starting the day with a fortifying coffee and chocolate doughnut we explored the foreshore and beach along with many other viewers all equipped with iphones.

Here are some of the art pieces on show taken with my Canon 6D, Canon 24-105 mm lens.


Grass trees


I didn’t get the title of this one but it must be uncomfortable


Seed, a stunning piece


Kangaroo and Joey


Whilst walking on the beach we found parts of the old wooden beach wall in amongst the large rocks that now protect the foreshore


Riding the Wave of Life



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  1. Fantastic photos Barbara, the sculptures look great. Wish it was a little closer to home so I could get to see them. The coffee and chocolate doughnut sound wonderful.

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