Manoora, Mid North

Manoora is a small town in the Mid North region of South Australia on the Barrier Highway that I have passed through on a number of occasions, this time I was on my way to the mining town of Broken Hill. I am not sure how long this roadhouse has been closed but the faded poster of the songbirds seemed to be a glimpse from the past.

Manoora roadhouseManoora Roadhouse, Mid North of South Australia

Manoora roadhouseThe Songbirds of Manoora Roadhouse

Manoora roadhouseLooking across the road

Manoora roadhouseWhere the petrol pumps stood

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  1. Looking at your brilliant Images again is the poster in the window one of yours

  2. Your stunning photos have nailed the decline in many areas of out back Australia

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