Beachport a small fishing town in the South-east is a place I enjoy visiting and have done so since the early eighties. A recent trip, the first trip I have been able to do for a number of years, was just me and my camera and it was wonderful.


The second night there I sat on the pier and took a number of long exposure night shots whilst having a number of fishers come to talk and see what I was doing.


On Lake George you can see hundreds of black swans congregate, but it was the branch sticking out of the water that drew me and I had to cross the mud flats to get close enough, carefully walking on a spongy crust that sank beneath me. If I had of sunk all that would of been left was my sun glasses and camera on the surface!

mud flat

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  1. Stunning the lights on the jetty are super the branch and the swans was well worth your walk through the spongy guck another set of lovely pictures

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